Siddha Marga
Siddha Marga

Siddha Marga

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Watch this short documentary on the miraculous Divine event in the Deva Parampara, called ‘Deva Kala Sangrahan’, that is collecting the Divine Powers from the mysterious high ranges of Himalayas. This documentary elaborates the Divine Pilgrimage of Bhagwan Swachchanda Bhairav along with His consort Goddess, Who is also the presiding deity of Kulant Peeth- Goddess Kurukulla to collect the Deva Kala for the welfare of the entire world.
The land of Bharat is full of spiritual wonders. In this ocean of spiritual knowledge, Deva Parampara of Kulant Peeth, also known as Kaulantak Peeth, is one of the longest surviving, most authentic and also the most secretive spiritual traditions of the world. Deva Parampara is the foundation of Kulant Peeth.
Om Shri PadmaPriya-SuramyaRamapati Ishaputray Namah.
Om Shri Swachchanda Bhairavay Namah.
Om Shri Kulle Kurukulle Namah.
Om Shri Gurumandalay Namah.
Om Shri MahaHimalayay Namah.
Om Shri Kalkine Namah.
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A prayer that came out in moment of agony from Yogini Ma Shivagni.
A question she asks from God: 'Why Do You Dodge Away my Questions God?'

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Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath Ji expresses her anger over the attack on Hindu Sadhus in Lavana village of Sangli district, Maharashtra. Four Sadhus were physically tortured and almost beaten to death when these Sadhus were going to a temple.
It is outrageous! Yogini Ma urges the Hindus to demand for a special Act for crime against Hindu Sadhus and Saints.
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Come out of your clouded existence. Set free of toxins in life. Move closer to the Eternal Truth.
Don't let conditions in your life decide the purpose of your life. Learn to break every boundation that stops you from following the Dharm.
Be strict with yourself now.

Come Out of Your Toxic Dependencies

Come Out of Your Toxic Dependencies

Come Out of Clouded Existence. Set Free of Toxins. Move Closer to the Eternal Truth.

It's time to remind yourself every single day that we want mlechcha free Rashtra. Secularism don't exist. It is Dharm vs adharm now.
Whoever of you choose to be the warrior of Dharm and stand with Bhagwan Shri Kalki, then I say that you must be ready for it now. Make your body and mind strong. Practice strength training. Bhagwan Shri Kalki need you to be strong; not just wail and pray for help. You should support the Dharm Warriors. You the samsaric people should donate every month to the Yoddha, to the saints who are fighting for Dharm so that they can focus on their work of Dharm and not worry about from where they will feed their stomach. Be it a small amount. But donate to Dharm warriors every month. Otherwise the Kalki Warriors will not be able to fight to safeguard the Sanatana Dharm.
Evaluate who is standing and fighting for the truth.
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