योग: कर्मसु कौशलम्

Lord Krishna’s Sutra for Union with Sadashiv

Mystery That Life Is

Life is a word that embraces just about everything. From all kinds of metamorphosis that happened in you, around you right from when you were born till this very moment. What you plan your future to be and how you act in every single second at present decides your future. For some, the word life means the lifestyle you have adapted to at present. Your means of livelihood and survival, your present relationships, the time you spend on laptop, mobile, social media, and watching series and movies; traveling and the healthy (for most unhealthy) food you so enjoy equals to life for many. While few have a sense that there is way more to life than just surviving. Simply because even an insect knows how to survive till its last breath.

The truth is that every now and then this cosmos also reminds you, sends you signals that there is lot more to you. You have a hint that there is more to life than it seems to be.

We can go on and on and deeper to the spiral of life itself. But I am going to focus on the ingredients that constitute life experiences in the physical dimension, on planet Earth.


Acknowledgement: Way to Move Closer to Your Truth

Your collective experiences make up what you call as your life. This is what it is when talking at the ‘sthool’ level.

In this post, I am going to focus on giving you few possible ways you can think upon, and adopt, to improvise your everyday actions so that you move closer to your real self. You will start connecting with yourself.

They taught you in school and at home on how to behave, in what ways to think according to their own perspectives of life. That might or might not result in the right outcomes.  Since you get gyan from everywhere that inspires but hardly anyone tells us on how to go about every moment. When one is not yet anywhere close to the state of the Swami Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, an adept Tantrik and the great devotee of Maa Kali or the Bhakt Prahlad who always had Bhagwaan Shri Vishnu’s name in his heart and on his lips or the Meerabai who left the court assembly of her King husband, leaving the palace with nothing (she left even her clothes what she was wearing) but her devotion for Lord Shri Krishna, how should a human being with so many desires and indulgences move towards the union with one’s trueself and ultimately with Sadashiva Parabrahma?   


New Possibilities To Decipher Yourself

You wonder how to begin to do right things in life. Questions like, ‘Okay, I know that योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् . Now how to go about it? How should I act now?’

Here are few possible ways to right course of action. First is, pay attention to everything that you have chosen to do or are compelled to do due to any kind of pressure- societal or personal. How do you feel about what you have chosen to do in everyday life? This is about the work you do for survival or for your passion (hopefully some of you have passion for something). What do you feel on most days about your work? First stage is just observe your feelings and moods for few days (maybe for weeks in this case). If you feel great at your workplace, then this aspect is sorted for now. But if you feel disgusted about your workplace, then you have to be honest about why you feel disgusted. Is it your lack of interest, or you think you are entitled to get paid for free? Or you think few other people on the hierarchy seems to do nothing while you work your wits off at your workplace? What is it? Go deeper. I am not going ask you change your job or leave it. Just observe and make a mental note (or real one liner notes on how you feel).

Second, observe how you behave with your family, your spouse, your parents, your beloved pets. What kind of relationship you have with yourself (your inner-self) and the cosmos, the relationship you have with your Ishta, your God….and most of all the relationship you have with your Guru (if you are fortunate enough to have a Guru) is to be paid attention to. How do you behave with people at your workplace? What kind of thoughts you harbour about others? Do you always tend to find faults with others? This time just observe what you think and speak and make the others feel.

Be aware and be considerate towards your thoughts, words and actions towards all of them, including yourself.

By just observing these two areas of your life to begin with will lead to certain course of thoughts and actions that will start working on your mano-loka, on your Hriday chakra. If you do this,  your discomforts and ailments that start in  मनोमय कोष (Manomaye Kosh), प्राणमय कोष (Pranamaye Kosh) and अन्नमय कोष (Annamaye Kosh) will slowly start revealing themselves to you. These thoughts and considerations around your relationships will throw light on those dark corners that you hide deep within yourself.

If your corners are too dark to face, then take support of a trustworthy counsel (a stranger is better like a counsellor or psychologist) whom you can trust better. Because we tend to be open with the strangers (and a psychologist is a trained stranger to give you some insights that how you are not alone in feeling like this. Humans tend to feel in a similar way but most of us think we are alone in our pain. We are never alone really.


The Search Inwards

When the root cause of things start unveiling, you will automatically start your search inwards. You will begin seeking for the real thing in life. Your perspective will broaden. I am telling you beforehand that you will need to be brave in order to do this. This tears the false-self apart. This tears the lovely curtains you have decorated your life with. This tears the ego apart only if you stop justifying your actions at least to yourself.

You will start discovering the real reasons of why you are doing, whatever you are doing right now in life. The beauty is that when you understand the real reason of why you are doing what you are doing, or why you are behaving the way you behave with yourself and with other people in your life, you are moving towards being aware of your actions. Learning to be aware of your actions is the first thing in the path of योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् 


Spend Time in Sat-Sangh

Consider investing your time in Sat-Sangha. I am not referring to the Satsangh, bhajan and kirtan assembly here. Seek out to invest some time in the company of your Guru if you are fortunate enough to have a Guru in your life. Or seek out company of human beings who have known life in all its aspects. Old and wise can tell you a lot about the realities of life at least at the physical level.

Planet Earth houses few immensely wise Yogis, Saints, teachers from the ancient traditions. Their company is the real Sat-sangha.

You might not be able to decipher what happens deep within and at the cosmic level when you conduct your actions in the ways that the Himalayan Siddhas recommend in this post itself. But we will go deeper together, post by post.