In search of the Truth

Beyond the play of words!!! How easily can one be fooled by their own ego, in the path of adhyatma. A peek into a darker truth in today's fake spiritualism...

 Is it really the Truth that you are seeking?

Often even our seeking of truth is a corrupted one. In the make belief world that we live in, we often just settle and cling to someone else's truth without having experienced it ourselves. We form opinions first, the popular ones, and then collect facts to prove it right... How stupid is that? Shouldn't it be the other way round? I understand finding the proven facts is extremely difficult where most of the facts are twisted by lesser researchers who probably fell for an agenda, odeology or had a propaganda of their own when they wrote those history books.. it's unfortunate how we are dependent on books to dig the facts when the real truth comes from experience of it, where it demands penance of highest grade. Are you secretly shying away from this penance? Isnt this the reason why there's so much chaos in the world? Is this the reason why our minds are becoming rigid and our hearts are turning cold. Isnt this the reason why We shy away from intellectual debates and have shut our hearts to feel the warmth of true love? A love whose definition now has become so corrupt that the first glance of it in someones eyes is termed merely a sexual indulgence and sometimes even lesbian or gay ? These words are becoming popular and corrupting our society too aren't they? Not Deviating from topic..let's get back...

So such penance is what yogis and siddhas of himalyas did when they could easily have accepted the truth given by their gurus word by word and spoken about it as it is. Adhyatma is exactly this very research and readiness to do the penance in search for the absolute truth not merely by finding the right facts, right scriptures, or repeating words of your guru but also in experiencing it all within. Yes experience is of utmost importance on a true path

Om maha himalyay namah

Om gurumandalay namah

Om shri padmapriya ramapati ishaputraye namah

Om namah shivaya ?