True vs fake schools of Adhyatm/Spirituality

A fake school of spirituality is more dangerous than a corrupt politician!! The truth is becoming harder and harder to sell, even if you chose to offer it for free!!

Path of spirituality is not a roller coaster ride, neither it is a tool which teaches you how to put a blinder to all that is dark within and around. Most of us fall for these "spiritual products" that most spiritual schools are selling. These schools of thought are nothing but businesses thriving on half baked truths that sound good to ear and sell well....more like pain killers where root cause is never catered to, but rather suppressed....lets take a glance at what are these products being sold in the name of spirituality




Just think, in the dark times that we are living in, when one cant accept the sadness around, who wouldnt want to be happy? when rules of the corrupt society bother you, who doest want to break free? when life is difficult and emotions seem overwhelming, who doesnt want moksha/liberation?

The meaning of these words are hardly understood coz well, diving deep into them is a humongous effort in itself and then in this world of convenience, who want to work hard for spirituality?? Havent we already been working hard to survive in this material world??

These "immediate relief" pain killers can only teach you to fake a smile and you become just like the actors of hollywood, bollywood, TV series etc who enact every emotion, encouraging you to do the same in the real world, keeping you off from reality?? how insane is that.... This very fake spiritualism is bread and butter of many religions across the world too. More than politicians, it is this very fake spirituality that is corrupting the world. 

Its saddening how the very few remaining schools of truth are finding it hard to survive in the world of fakism, where those who are fake know eactly how to compensate it by marketing the sugar coated lies wrapped nicely in a gift pack and sell it off to "blind kids" the ignorant ones .  And its even more saddening to see that these blind kids seem to only want these sugar candies coz the true dose of truth is bitter and painful. 

The truth is becoming harder and harder to sell, even if you chose to offer it for free!!

But like they say, a belief goes a long way and truth always wins in the end!! we may or may not see it in our lifetime, but it nevertheless will happen!! The hope lies in finding these rare gems, who prefer the bitter ones over the sugar coated candies