There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wife

There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wifeThere is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wifeThere is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wife

I pulled my lips, tore the bag open and poured it all into his hands. I asked him with concern, "Lord Shi, I still have some milk, bread, duck neck and beef jerky. Do you want to eat them?" The stone lion chewed the candy and stared at me with a smile: "Little girl, you are getting smarter now..". Lord Shi, I like you. ! Let's go and find something interesting for you. Clever So the stupid lion is a foodie! I was secretly pleased and followed the stone lion to a door in the most corner of the book pavilion. The lion raised his paw and patted the ground twice, and the wooden door opened by itself. When I went in, I found that there was a grotto here! Inside the grottoes, the darkness was frightening and the quietness was terrible. Fortunately, after a few steps, there was an oil lamp on the stone wall. At the same time, I found that there were hidden compartments on the stone wall, in which ancient books were placed. Here Hasn't anyone been in here for a long time? ?” I looked at the thick layer of lime under my feet and the smell of decay in the air, and asked the stone lion. As Lord Shi walked forward, he made a muffled sound and replied casually, "This is the place where the ancestors of Shushan created and hid their treasures. The one outside was built by later generations, and it is also something dispensable..". Shushan Lao Zu left me. He just wants me to guard this grotto. Without my permission, even if the boy comes, he can't get in. My heart missed a beat, this is the real book pavilion? I didn't expect that this stupid lion was so awesome that he had to nod his head before he came, and I used a pack of candy for two yuan.. I'm afraid I'll break someone's jaw if I say it. Um.. Lord Shi In that case, I'm not even a disciple of Shushan. Isn't it a little bit to rush in? I am not stupid, so I still have to ask, otherwise let the guy know, will certainly feel that I fooled this stupid lion to come in, who called it so easy to buy it? Lord Shi looked back at me. Quirky, he saw through my worries. He shook his head and said with a smile, "You are the reincarnation of Fang Yi, the little girl. You are also the ancestor of human beings. Nu Wa herself..". The boy who has no beginning is willing to bring you to the Book Pavilion. You have already acquiesced in my bringing you here. Don't think too much. In this Shushan, he is the master. If he is willing, he is willing. Even if outsiders know, they dare not talk nonsense. "Then I'm so grateful to Lord Shi.." My eyes lit up and I folded my fists. " Hey, digital signage kiosk , how much does it hurt to talk about thanks between us? The stone lion smiled, wagged his tail quickly and said, "Hey, what you just said.." Ha ha, really is a foodie! I checked the snacks in the plate, most of which were expired after I came to the upper world, so I didn't eat much, nor did I throw them away, so I threw them all to Shishi. I'm sure it won't taste anything anyway. At most, it's just curious and chewed.. "恩恩 . . . So much delicious food. ... Help me open it later. 。” The stone lion smiled like an idiot. He casually put my things on the ground and pointed to the grid on the side: "You go over there and have a look. They are all formations, but you don't have to look at the rest. Those are the secret inheritance of Shushan. If you let the boy know, he will certainly complain that I am stupid.." Aren't you just a little stupid? I nodded, tore open a bag of beef jerky and threw it to him. Then I went to the place where he had pointed and looked at it carefully. Only a dozen books? My heart missed a beat. It is said that things are precious when they are rare. Compared with the books outside, there are too few books here, right? I carefully picked up a book nearest to me. When I saw the big characters on it, I didn't know why. I had a very familiar feeling. I asked Xiaohei: "Xiaohei, didn't you say that I had broken through a sword array somewhere before?"? How about the power of the sword array? Xiaohei thought for a moment and replied, "Sister Tiantian, that's Xianjun's posthumous mansion. You've broken through a sword array. Speaking of power..". You can resist the way of heaven But the half immortal is not good. Is this sword array so spicy? I shook my head and put down the ancient book. In the future, I will definitely face stronger masters. It's rare to come here. I naturally want to learn the best formation. You two girls are really.. This sword array is not a treasure. Will you put it here? The stone lion squatted on the ground and disdained to speak. I turned pale with fright and stared back at the stone lion. Blackie and I are connected. How did it.. "What are you looking at? Lord Ben has lived for so long, and he has already been channeled. Since the little black in your body can communicate with your soul, I can naturally feel what you say." The stone lion grinned. Psychics can see into other people's hearts?! Stepping on a horse.. I was speechless at once. It's not unreasonable that this stone lion has lived for tens of thousands of years. Fortunately, I just said in my heart that it was a stupid lion, and I didn't say anything bad, otherwise.. Is it possible to be killed by one of its claws? 。“ Lord Shi, this sword array.. Is this sword array powerful? ?” I asked weakly. Jiugong Sword Array.. You have to say that this array is rotten. It's really bad, but if you say it's good, it's also very good. The formation is different from person to person. The stone lion chewed beef jerky in his mouth, squinted at me and said, "Also, the strength of the array is also closely related to the eye of the array.". If the array eye is good, it can barely be called a fairy array.. Hey You said you had broken the sword array. Why don't I believe it? Are you bragging? Although there are indeed a lot of unfashionable Jiugong Sword Array outside, how bad is it that you can break a little girl who is not even in the middle of the realm of heaven? Well, although Shishi looks down on me, he is an old-timer who has lived for tens of thousands of years. I took out several array plates in the original array plate, and after the stone lion looked at them, his eyes immediately showed a stunned look, and he patted them twice with his big paw, exclaiming: "This array plate looks quite delicate..". I didn't think you were really broken. 。” I rolled my eyes and turned the corpse upside down again. "This is the eye of the sword array." "Oops..". The skeleton of a false fairy ?” The expression on the stone lion's face was really moving. He looked back and forth at the eyes of the formation. After half a ring, he said to me, "Where did you meet this formation?" 。

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