Miserable college life.

Beat it again! I throw a left. He avoided again. Beat it again! I throw a right. He avoided again.

Beat it again! I throw a left. He avoided again. Beat it again! I throw a right. He avoided again. I'll hit it again.. Just as I was sweating and punching, my waist suddenly tightened and a huge force hit me. Too bad, I only care about attacking and forget to defend. I was successfully recruited by Yongqi. The whole person was pulled to bed by him and pressed up. Whoo.. He's so heavy. Yongqi smiled cheekily at me from above: "Admit defeat?" I glared at him and twisted my neck. "Hum, I'd rather die than surrender." I decided not to help him eat, wash clothes and run exercises tomorrow, so that he would starve to death, dirty and tired. He lowered his neck and sprayed hot air on my face. Suddenly he stopped smiling and said in a deep voice, "Then I will extort a confession by torture. You must not be a coward and beg for mercy as soon as you are tortured." Yongqi's voice was hoarse and he could not speak seriously. The feeling of danger suddenly came to me. What do you want? I turned to stare at him, my face alert. Extorting a confession. He said two words softly, then suddenly bowed his head and kissed me. Hot, soft lips, close to the lips. Not only that, but the wriggling tongue also probed in. Purr I shook my head with difficulty and pushed him with my hand. Yongqi's strength was so great that he grasped my hands and pressed them on his head. It's all my fault. I raised him to be white and fat on weekdays. I served him with spareribs and braised roe in brown sauce. I knew I would starve him every day. No, you should be hungry. Whoo. Save. Help I'm suffocating. He invaded slowly,jujube seed powder, like a creeping creature nibbling at its prey. I will be eaten by him. Perhaps remembering that I had many uses as a nanny and a washing machine, he finally let me go and let me breathe freely at the moment of death. He looked at me and said faintly, "Pupil..." With the lesson just now, I was shouted by him, and goose bumps came out all over my body and stared at him carefully. I like you He is still on the top,pumpkin seed extract, I dare not act rashly, can only be sad face: "I know, you like to play tricks on me.". It's a great honor. No, I really like you. It's the kind of man who likes men. He explained to me slowly. Men like men? My God! Whoo! I don't want it. Just because I don't like women doesn't mean I have to like men. I'm not a pervert. Now I not only have to think about my life, but also begin to worry about my virginity. And he's still on top of me. Don't act rashly, absolutely don't act rashly. "Pupil, I've had a crush on you since a long time ago." "Thank you very much," I said with an even more mournful face. He laughed softly. "You're welcome." This smile looks terrible in my eyes to the extreme, the murderer in the movie will probably start to commit murder when such a smile appears. I began to wonder if he would crush me or rape me. I don't want either. Why should I choose? I ask myself that there is nothing wrong with him, and I am his cousin. The rabbits don't eat the grass near the nest. I'm wronged! "Pupil.." Yongqi's eyes began to become dangerous again, ghana seed extract ,turmeric extract powder, and he bowed his head and leaned towards me. Yongqi, you, you, you. Take it easy Don't, don't, don't be nervous.. You, you, you think about it a little more. "You're much more nervous than I am." He laughed at me easily and pulled out a tie from somewhere behind him. Necktie? My heart pounded. He tried to strangle me? He's going to tie my hands, and.. I finally couldn't help shouting at the top of my voice: "Help!"! Help! Kill people! A shrill cry pierced the calm of the hospital. He didn't seem to expect me to be so brave and froze for a moment. Boom! The door of the ward was suddenly pushed open and a nurse rushed in. Ah, my angel in white! At this time, courage suddenly arrived, and I suddenly kicked Yongqi, who was in a daze, and rushed to the life-saving angel. Help! He murdered me! He molested me! Although it was a little humiliating for the big man to hold a nurse and cry, he really couldn't help it at that time. Murder? Yongqi scrambled up from the ground with the weapon and the tie in his hand. Pupil, I didn't know you had a phobia about neckwear. "I really don't know," he said. "If I had known, I wouldn't have sent a tie. I'll choose another birthday present for you tomorrow. A birthday present? You're a liar. You're a world-class actor. I asked the nurse for help. "Don't believe it. He tried to kill me. He molested me." "Indecent assault?" The nurse looked at me suspiciously. Yes! He molested me. I firmly testify against the criminal. The stagnant air is getting heavier and heavier. Punish him, drive him away, let Yongqi disappear from my life, at least from college life! One minute later.. "Ha ha ha.." I heard an impolite burst of laughter. The nurse laughed and said, "Ha ha, Yongqi, you … …" Your cousin.. Ha-ha That's funny. Ouch, my stomach hurts from laughing. I opened my mouth wide. Yongqi also giggled: "Pupil likes to play tricks on people since he was a child, and his acting skills are first-class." The nurse pinched my face and said, "You are so cute, not to mention Yongqi, even my aunt wants to molest me.". But don't make a big noise in the hospital. It will disturb other patients. Keep your voice down when you two brothers play. All right, take a break. Look at the bags on your heads. I want to cry without tears Miserable College Life Chapter 14 After the nurse left, the stagnant air of the whole room came to me. Yongqi closed the door with a triumphant smile and walked towards me. Don't come here! I growled at him. Pupil, you don't have to be so neurotic if you don't like ties. Despite my warning,naringenin price, he leaned toward me with a look that made my hair stand on end. "What do you like?" He pretended to think about it and showed a look of sudden understanding: "Shall I give myself to you?"? You love to take care of me. I grind my teeth: "I like you to disappear now." Yongqi's movements are sometimes slower than those of the slow loris, but they are as flexible as ghosts when they should not be fast. In the blink of an eye, he had moved in front of me and pushed me against the wall. What do you want? 。 prius-biotech.com