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Zhang yuan, a forensic doctor, pushed the door out of the innermost room. Seeing his cigarette, he warned, "Smoking is not allowed here." "I don't smoke," said Wu Shuisu. Did you see me light the fire? I just had a dry addiction in my mouth. He glanced at the

After returning home, Zhu Siqi habitually used perception to check Shu Ting first to see if she was at home. She didn't plan to have anyone at home. She didn't expect that she would be at home tonight, and there was another man. At this time, they were fighting in bed. Zhu Siqi was embarrassed to "see" such a scene. He just checked the man with perception and found that he didn't know him. The age is only about thirty years old, very handsome, but with a kind of Yin root in the eyes, if you do not pay attention to it, it is difficult to find. But it's a good match with Shu Ting. After leaving a trace of perception, Zhu Siqi "retreated" out, and after they finished their work first, he went to examine it carefully. Also do not know is Shu Ting's sexual desire blinks or that man is really fierce, until more than an hour later they collapsed down, Shu Ting went into the bathroom to take a bath, leaving the man lying alone in bed. When Shu Ting came out, she casually put on a bath and got into bed,Wheel tape measure, feeding beside the man, closing her eyes and enjoying it, the man hugged her shoulder and finally opened his mouth: "Tingting, what do you think of what happened to Huang Boren today?" Zhu Siqi felt at home that he actually called Shu Ting, almost vomited, saying that she was in her thirties,Diameter tape measure, although graceful, but how can not match the word "Tingting". At the moment, we can only automatically leak the words we shouldn't hear. I also found an acquaintance to inquire about it today, but that person is just an ordinary cadre. I only know that when I come to work in the morning, all the computers in the office have pictures of Huang Boren and two women on the screen last night. To put such pictures into all the computers in the municipal party committee building shows that this person is not simple. At least he is quite proficient in computers. Shu Ting thought for a moment before saying. That's true. It's hard for ordinary people to do it. You said he's a computer room administrator now. Do you think he doesn't have the ability to do it? The man said. I don't know much about this, but if I can be a computer room administrator, I should know a lot about computers. Maybe he did it. Shu Ting hated, but he spent a lot of thought on Huang Boren, ready to put a long line to catch a big fish, did not expect to be destroyed by Zhu Siqi tonight. That's not necessarily true. He also needs to get a picture of Huang Boren. This is not something that ordinary people can do. At first, I just thought he was good at martial arts. If he did it all by himself, Walking measuring wheel ,fish measuring tape, then this person is really not simple. The man said slowly. What's so simple? If you hadn't come out, he wouldn't have shown off like this. Shu Ting put her arms around the man's neck. That's not necessarily true. Don't look down upon him. I was just helping the knife by the way to get rid of him, but I didn't expect to take a lot of trouble. Now it's a bit difficult to dismount. The man twisted his way. Zhu Siqi "heard" here, finally know that this matter is really related to the Flying Tiger Gang, but do not know who this man is, it seems that the magic is vast. So what now? Or go to Hong Kong to invite a few more killers to come over, I believe he has three heads and six arms! Shu Ting said. It's not necessary. I'd better send someone from home. Only after solving him can I cooperate with the Flying Tiger Gang. Otherwise, I think the boss of the Flying Tiger Gang has a deep fear of this man and dare not do anything easily. Not to mention cooperating with me to control all the underworld here. I heard that he still has to send a million yuan to his account on time every month according to that man's request. I don't think this knife can be a big deal. The man shook his head. Why don't I kill the knife and get an obedient one, so that you don't have to deal with that man any more, and your affairs will be progressing soon? Shu Ting gave him advice. No, the knife can not be killed now, that person must also be out of the team, now is not the matter of the Flying Tiger Gang, I also need this person to establish prestige, so that the Flying Tiger Gang dare not betray me in the future, but also let them know how much energy I have! As for the future, it's not a matter of words whether to keep the knife or not. The man began to laugh at the end, and he was a little proud. Zhu Siqi just heard from his mouth that he wanted to send people from "home". It seems that he is not Chinese, but his accent does not show the taste of foreigners, and his appearance is similar to that of ordinary Chinese, unless.. Zhu Si thought of several neighboring countries, only those countries whose physical features are similar to those of China. Zhu Siqi was continuing to "listen" when his cell phone suddenly rang. Chapter 152 is him. A look, is a strange number, so late who will find their own what? After receiving the answer button, Deng Weiyu's voice came from inside: Si Qi, where are you now? I have something to do with you. I'm at home. What's the matter? Brother Yu. Zhu Siqi had never heard Deng Weiyu speak so hastily. It's about my sister! Do you have time now? Deng Weiyu said. Yes. What am I supposed to do? Although Zhu Siqi thought that he still wanted to feel the situation of Shu Ting's side, he thought that it was getting late now. The man should spend the night in her place. As long as he went out, he would be able to track him. Then he would know everything about him. Now Deng Weiyu had something to do, of course, he had to help him. Can you drive to Wulin Branch right away? I'll wait for you here. Deng Weiyu said. Okay, I'll be there in twenty minutes. As soon as Zhu Siqi finished, he hung up the phone, put on his coat and went out. Standing in the elevator, Zhu Siqi just thought that Deng Weiyu said it seemed to be his sister, his sister is not in the night club? How could something happen? Could it be that the Flying Tigers would make trouble in their own territory? With suspicion,Horse weight lbs, Zhu Keqi drove quickly to the Wulin Branch of the Public Security Bureau. As soon as I went in, I saw Deng Li and several of her classmates in the corridor. There were two male classmates who were black and blue. They were fighting with people. Zhu Siqi searched with perception and knew that Deng Weiyu was in the front office. When he passed by them, Zhu Siqi smelled a strong smell of wine. It seemed that they had drunk a lot of wine at night. tapemeasure.net

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