210,000 square meters of centralized cooling, the largest cold and heat supply project in the north, running in Jinan _

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Original title: 210,000 square meters of centralized cooling, the largest cold and hot supply project in the north is running in Jinan Jinan, July 15, CCTV News (Reporter Li Shun) Talking about central heating, most northerners are familiar with it, but have you ever heard of "central cooling"? Can centralized cooling be realized in summer? The answer is yes. At present, 210,000 square meters of buildings in Jinan have realized centralized cooling, and the largest cold and hot supply project in the north has been put into operation. Reduce investment, save money and look beautiful Recently, the reporter came to the Southern Energy Center, the "heart" of centralized cooling, to explore the centralized cooling. The Southern Energy Center, located in Huayang Road, is constructed by the Energy Investment Group affiliated to Jinan Energy Group. The building structure is a pure underground structure. From the ground,wiped film distillation, it is a park. Bai Yuhe, deputy general manager of Shandong Ruiguan Electric Power Thermal Company of Jinan Energy Investment Group, told reporters that centralized cooling has many benefits: all refrigeration equipment on the user side is concentrated in the construction of the energy center, which reduces the scale of refrigeration units in summer for each single building, and cooling facilities such as cooling towers and air conditioners no longer appear on the user side. On the one hand, it reduces the floor area of the machine room and the noise pollution of the equipment,rotovap distillation, on the other hand, it saves the overall investment of the building and improves the overall quality of the building shape. In summer, we deliver chilled water of about 7 ℃ as refrigerant to the cold exchange station, and replace the chilled water of about 7-9 ℃ through the cold exchange principle into the user's end air coil system, which can meet the user's demand for refrigeration in summer. Bai Yuhe said that compared with the traditional cooling mode, the annual cooling cost of users can be saved by about 10 yuan per square meter. In addition, the Southern Energy Center is also upgrading the ice storage system. After completion, it can use the night off-peak electricity to produce low-temperature cold source to further reduce operating costs, which is also in line with the development direction of off-peak electricity, peak shaving and valley filling. A set of pipe network is warm in winter and cool in summer "We use the same municipal pipe network for heating in winter and cooling in summer, which is the largest cold and hot supply project in northern China at present." Bai Yuhe told reporters. It is understood that in winter central heating, cbd crystallization equipment ,thin film distillation, the waste heat of Zhangqiu Power Plant will be transported to CBD area through long-distance pipeline network, and then through the heat exchange station, into the end system of each user, such as radiator, floor heating and so on. During centralized cooling in summer, the cold source only needs to be switched to the southern energy center, and the chilled water is transported to the cold exchange station located at the same position as the heat exchange station by using the pipe network for heating in winter in the CBD area. Through cold exchange, the cold source is transported to the terminal devices such as wind coils of each user. In 2017, Jinan Energy Group launched the centralized cooling project in the CBD area of Jinan. According to the cooling demand in the CBD area, the design volume of the cooling area of the project is about 2.2 million square meters. According to the construction progress of the developers in the region, in the summer of 2021, the centralized cooling system will start small-scale trial operation. This summer, central cooling has covered 210,000 square meters of buildings. Expanded promotion will target residential users At present, with the acceleration of the construction of Jinan Central Business District, 1.1 million square meters of super high-rise buildings, including "mountains, rivers, lakes, springs and cities", have been included in the centralized cooling access plan and are expected to be put into use after next summer. By then, the cooling area of the Southern Energy Center will exceed 500000 square meters. Bai Yuhe said that under the background of the "double carbon" strategy, in order to promote the promotion of low-carbon energy utilization mode in Jinan, the docking work of the integration of cold and heat in the whole area and municipal pipeline network has been completed from the drawing review stage of the whole CBD area construction. Drawing on the advanced experience of central cooling in the south and the actual situation of central heating in the north in winter, we decided to build two energy centers in CBD area, including the southern energy center that has been put into operation, and the northern energy center that will be put into operation in the future according to the cooling demand of CBD, and the two centers will be standby for each other as cold sources, "one network, multiple sources" to improve users. To solve the summer refrigeration task of 2.2 million square meters of public construction users in the whole CBD area. Bai Yuhe said. According to reports, in the next step, the scope of centralized cooling in Jinan will continue to expand. Bai Yuhe said that in the future, according to the promotion ideas of crossing Jingshi Road in the south, crossing South Industrial Road in the north, extending Maoling Shanxi District in the west and Jinan High-tech Comprehensive Business District in the east, the centralized cooling business will be promoted around Jinan Central Business District and the promotion of centralized cooling business will be increased. At the same time, it will also launch centralized cooling business for high-end residential users. 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