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Did not let go, but also a pull, pull close to him, "I do not drink sweet water,

Did not let go, but also a pull, pull close to him, "I do not drink sweet water," good-looking eyes staring, inside is full of me. I wrinkled my nose mischievously. "No, I'll drink." His eyes sank and his lips came up. I laughed and let him nibble on my lip. It took him a long time to put me down. Run across the road. "The iced black tea of Fuji Cold Drink is the best in this street. Many people are still in line. I am waiting with a coin of three yuan in my hand." And three, "suddenly someone called me, a look back, the side of the road came over a black sports car, and I lined up with people to look back, look at the car.". I looked at the people getting out of the car. Be stupefied. There is a girl's breath of admiration around her. The man who came down was really a handsome man who could not be moved. General Manager Feng. I smiled and nodded politely at him, just in time to move a long way in front of me, and I took a big step to follow. He also came forward. "I heard that you are going to withdraw from the celebration banquet performance of the Jade Flag." "En," I nodded, suddenly stunned, looked at him, "you are the total'jade flag '-" pointing to him. He smiled warmly, and there was a gentle light in his eyes. I laughed,Silver Travertine Slabs, "Thank you, you recommended the video, Maomao and I were happy and vain for several days." "Then why give up?" "Maomao sprained his ankle. We can't go." I shrugged. When it was my turn, I handed the boy in the counter three yuan, "two cups of iced black tea, oh, three cups,Grey Marble Slab," and went to get the change in my pocket and handed it over, lying on the counter, watching the boy skillfully add ice to the cup. "You can go solo, you don't have to quit." Smiling, I took the three glasses of water from the boy and handed him a cup next to me, "Please drink." He looked at me, and I smiled and waved my head at him, raising the glass in my hand again. He took it with a smile. "Thank you." I use a straw to open a cup, suck a mouthful, ice into the heart, cool! Carrying another cup, he walked forward. "Thank you for your invitation, but I am not good at playing the piano alone. Only with Maomao can I be invincible, Marble Granite Price ,White Marble Mosaic, hehe.". My friend is waiting for me on the opposite side. Go there first. Goodbye. Wave your hand at him. I watched from side to side as the car ran across the road and got into the car. "Drink quickly, the ice is the best to drink." Straw a poke to the side of the rice, he went on, but the head has been looking across the road, "who is that?" I bit the straw and looked at him, laughing unconsciously. His expression now is exactly the same as that of the last time he lost yuan. He looks like an old man who disdains him. Birds of a feather flock together. The boss of Yuqi. Maomao and I were going to their company's celebration banquet, but Maomao hurt his foot and we couldn't go, "I said, staring at the cup and stirring the ice inside." The car is moving. He put his cup on my lap again. "It's all for you to drink. It's better to drink like a little fat man." As he drove, he pulled my face with one hand. I crossed him, but I didn't give him any more. I drank two cups happily. We are going to the beach. Mi is going to practice the tandem bicycle with his classmates. The partner he's looking for is that Jingyang. He has to drag me to take part in the ghost slow race. If I want to take part in it, he must go too! Rice is also poisonous. That Jingyang can't ride a bike at all. I followed them to watch them play several times. Every time Jingyang was miserable. He wanted to get angry and was pushed back by rice. He dared not speak out, so he could only be put on the car again. It was very funny. Can you let Sanzi be your partner? "Every time he begged for mercy, I was as bad as Mi." No, I can't ride a bike either. " Mi hugged me and laughed. Two bad guys looking at a poor guy is not kind at all. "Squeak!" The car suddenly stopped in front of a jewelry store. "You wait!" Before I could stop him, Mi ran down. "What?" I frowned and looked at the rice that ran in, as if he wanted something from the shop assistant. The shop assistant shook his head. He took out a hundred yuan from his pants pocket and handed it over. The shop assistant gave him two boxes. He seemed to run out happily. But he opened the door on my side and half knelt down. "What are you doing?" I was very surprised. He took one of my feet and put it on his half-kneeling leg. He took out a red rope from the box and tied it to my ankle. "Mi, what are you doing?" Was he stupid? He spent a hundred yuan to buy these two red ropes? He had opened the other box, which was still a red rope, and he began to tie my other ankle. The box was probably used to pack the jade pendant, but he obviously just wanted the red rope. Don't move. Minus yuan's foot also twisted, your classmate Maomao's foot also twisted, tie two red ropes to you may be able to ward off evil spirits. In disbelief, I looked at the boy who was tying the red rope for me with great piety and seriousness, biting his lip for a moment, not knowing what to say. "Well, whether it works or not, tie it up first. You're going to twist your feet. It would be strange if it didn't hurt." The boy raised his head with a smile, and his pure and beautiful eyes closed around his neck. "Fool, who can't twist it?" His eyes were blurred, and his heart was full of sweetness. 21 "Three sons, see, our brothers are now called'riding a tiger is difficult to dismount ', rice!"! Don't shake it! It's hard to imagine that a child of our age can't ride a bike, and Jingyang is really one of them. The boy was lying on the back of the car in a very ugly position, but his mouth was funny, and the whole exercise was funny and funny. Jingyang, hold on. "I've been sitting cross-legged on the grass next to me, watching the two of them play tricks on each other and fool around, which makes my stomach hurt with laughter." Girl, let me tell your fortune. "I turned my head and saw a blind man sitting next to me with a stick in his hand.". This blind man, when we first came here, he was sitting next to the stall. He didn't care much. Now he is looking for business on his own initiative? I looked at him playfully. "How do you calculate? What can you calculate?" "Take your hand,grey marble slab, whatever you want." I held out my right hand briskly. "You count what I want to count," I said mischievously. At this time, rice and Jingyang also left the car and ran over.

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