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The room fell into restless silence again. After waiting for a long time,

The room fell into restless silence again. After waiting for a long time, Carlos did not open his mouth. Ivan sat stiffly for a long time, moved his fingers, lowered his eyes and took a slow breath. "Since that's the case, then.." Before he had finished speaking, Ivan felt his whole body covered in a shadow. Someone leaned, the tiny fever gently rubbed against the skin, and Yvan raised his head in some surprise, and his eyes immediately turned to a pair of deep blue eyes that made people's hair stand on end. …… Did your Highness think I would say that? Staring into Yvan's eyes, Carlos lowered his voice and whispered. Ka, Carlos.. Even though she was no longer the original Ivan, she was still caught off guard by such Carlos, and in a word, she easily destroyed the defense line she had built up again. Collecting himself, Yvan noticed that his throat was dry. "What do you mean, Carlos?" "I thought I had made it clear enough." Dropping his eyes with restraint, Carlos's eyes seemed to be trying to suppress the surging emotions, "No matter what will depend on you,ultrasonic cutting machine, no matter how excessive the request is willing to complete, no matter how harsh the punishment is willing to bear, calling you all the time, suffering every second of leaving you, even because of the long waiting for no response and can not help but make dirty to you.." Dirty things. Carlos breathed a gasp and finally whispered in a very low voice, "I did this just because it was you." It's His Highness Yvan, not if it's anyone else. "Carlos has long said." Carlos's loyalty and honor belong to you all his life. Clearly still expressionless to say these words,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but Yifan seemed to see the person kneeling on one knee in front of him burst out a firm and warm glimmer, with his own life and soul to her solemn oath. Staring at Carlos for a long time, Yvan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, "whoosh." I'm glad I heard what you said. Yvan looked up at Carlos with a faint smile. "That was close." This smile makes Carlos unexpectedly stunned, obviously the person in front of him is Her Royal Highness, but he has a vague feeling. Something has changed. Ivan smiled at Carlos's face, which became blank and dull in an instant, but quietly unloaded a big stone from the bottom of his heart. Speaking of Carlos's past, it is simply the origin of a bad relationship with Tassaye. When Tassaye and Yvan were still young, the officials who ruled on behalf of Her Majesty showed a vague intention to choose the next successor. In order to win the favor of the consuls and courtiers, Tassaye bought a "slave" on the day of his birthday folk tour. In Tassaye's opinion, it was just any means for her to win people's hearts. After buying the "slave", she handed it over to the people around her and never cared about it again. But Yifan was attracted by the "slave" unconsciously because he inadvertently saw the bright eyes of the "slave" when he turned his face sideways. Although she is also the princess of Jike, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic welding transducer, Yifan is the twin sister who has the same name as her sister and exists as the shadow of the princess. No matter how much Yvan resisted at that time, he was still instilled with all kinds of feudal and unfair ideas. So much so that after getting close to taking care of Carlos, the teenager asked with a look of longing and expectation and shining eyes: "You are the one who saved me.." The beautiful Princess Tassaye? Yvan almost nodded and replied, "Yes, I am." I didn't expect that one slip would lead to eternal hatred. Although in the following days, Ivan thought about explaining many times, but thinking that Carlos would be sent out of the palace after he finished his teaching, the two might not intersect again in the future, coupled with the young people's hot eyes from time to time, this explanation was repeatedly shelved.. Of course, at that time, Yifan would never have thought that there would be today's scene. At the moment of memory recovery, Yifan knew that her heart knot had disappeared, because she was Yifan, Yifan was her, but a new question arose, who was Carlos's real choice? It was because she knew clearly that Carlos had such an obsession to repay his kindness that she became more and more reluctant to tell him the truth. She did not want her to give everything, but Carlos is still persistent in the answer of Tasaye, so she, is not a pitiful laugh? "The words just now." It's just a test. Yvan's eyes were calm and his face was as if nothing had happened. Yes, this is her test for Carlos. Because she didn't know if Carlos knew who saved him and really took care of him that year? Carlos fell in love with Tassaye, who bought him, or Ivan, who didn't care about his identity and took care of him for many years? She was no longer the Yvan she used to be, and her pride and self-respect did not allow her to tell Carlos everything easily without knowing the exact situation. The answer given by Carlos gave Ivan a little more peace of mind, but when he heard Ivan's words, Carlos's eyes narrowed slightly, "Test?"? If What will your Highness do if Carlos doesn't pass? Abandoning him again? Or stubbornly want to throw him to others. Smiling, Yifan leaned close to Carlos, who had pursed his lips tightly, and whispered in a gentle and creepy voice, "Of course, I drugged you so that you would never have the idea of leaving me again, and that I would always be the property of Yifan alone.." I can't get it, not a finger or a hair of my dear sister, and I can't get it! Choked by the unexpected answer, Carlos looked at Ivan's face, which was too bright with a smile, and after a few seconds, he looked away with a guilty conscience. Damn, it's a good thing your Highness doesn't know. He had had such a terrible idea. And the object, it happens to be your Highness himself. But if your Highness really did this to him,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, he would be happy. Seeing Carlos's reflection, Ivan narrowed his eyes. "Why, are you not satisfied with the answer?" 。 fycgsonic.com

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