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I haven't seen you for so long, and the talented kid who only hid in his sister's arms

I haven't seen you for so long, and the talented kid who only hid in his sister's arms to draw warmth and comfort has grown into a man of indomitable spirit, with a height of 1.84 meters, a tall and straight body, a broad chest, a handsome and cold face, as well as the light nobility and mystery of the Qin brothers and sisters, all of which are like the world. Even though he is only twenty-one years old, he has grown into a man! A man who can shelter his sister from the wind and rain, who can rely on his sister! Hearing that name, everyone in the audience fell into petrification without exception, especially Ying Xilin and He Wanlin. It was not until he stood in front of his sister that he took off the mature, deep and cold mask of Wall Street negotiating financing. As if back to that year a little cool, a little capricious, and a little love sister addiction genius little Zhengtai, will act like a spoiled child, will please, will be angry, will use the body to defend their sister.. Tai Hanyu raised his eyebrows, restored his cold and deep appearance, and said coldly, "Jolson, that's my sister standing here!"! It's my only family! From childhood to adulthood, she has been taking care of me,Agate Slabs For Sale, and even went out to sing to earn money to support me to go to school. If you insist on your revolting gentleman, go back to America! Asian jobs don't need you, and next, I'll show you my more ungentlemanly side! Jolson shrank his neck, and in the face of this evil figure who could draw an equal sign with Lord Xiuya, he really dared not provoke him. But after a moment's hesitation, Jolson suddenly remembered something. Pointing to the real snow curled up in Qin Hanyu's arms, he asked in rapid Italian. Your sister?! Is it her?! Is it really her? Oh, my God,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, is that her? Lord Thua's.. Before the words came out, Qin Hanyu's cold eyes had already turned to Jolson, who was so frightened that Jolson swallowed the following words abruptly. Qin Hanyu was too lazy to pay attention to Jolson, whose brain was a little off the line. He just cast his dependent eyes on Zhenxue. He took off his suit jacket and covered Zhenxue's body. He couldn't help smiling, "Sister, the first time I saw you crying like a kitten, I asked someone to send you clothes. You should change your wet clothes so as not to catch cold!" Seeing Qin Hanyu actually laughing, Jolson and Altok instantly fell into petrifaction. Embarrassed, Zhenxue raised her head from Qin Hanyu's arms, wiped away the tears from her eyes, stood on tiptoe, reached out her hand and touched Qin Hanyu's head as she did when she was a child, rubbed Qin's black hair, and finally raised a happy and contented smile. She could not help whispering, "Xiaoyu has really grown up and can protect her sister.." Remia came forward and took a look at Qin Hanyu. "Sorry to bother you. I'm Remia, the assistant of Zhenxue. Miss Zhenxue needs to change her clothes now. The scene here is for you to deal with." Qin Hanyu narrowed his eyes, showing a cold smile, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Agate Slabs Countertops, glanced at the pale Lu Yating, Jin Xiaoran, Zhang Ruqiang, and cast his soft eyes on his elder sister, "Sister, you go to change clothes with your assistant!" True snow took a deep breath, she knew that his brother deliberately left himself, is to deal with the next these people, let oneself to change clothes, just do not want to let oneself see his cruel side, the younger brother has grown into a man, can rely on, is not it? Looking at the back of his sister's departure, Qin Hanyu finally raised a cruel smile at the corners of his mouth, cast his eyes on the field, and suddenly called out coldly in French, "Alolido, Gudinaro, I was ordered to take over you, say it.". What are you guilty of?! "Allolido and Gudinaro's faces changed in an instant, and they slowly came out of the crowd and knelt on one knee." It's our dereliction of duty. We are willing to accept punishment. " Qin Hanyu raised his eyebrows, "this account, we remember first, wait for you to return to the family and then take the blame.". ” "Yes" Qin Hanyu finally cast his eyes on the three women whose faces were already pale. He raised his eyebrows and said in a cold voice in full view of the public, "I dare to move my sister. I'm really bold enough to let them go to Africa to be a JI woman after making a few adult movies. I want them to live and die in this life." No, no, I am the first model in Taiwan, you can't do this to me! Mr. Ying Please help me.. I served you for so long. ......” I don't want it, Jayne, please help me.. I will never dare again. ......” "No!"! I don't want it.. It's all your fault. 。 I'm innocent.. Listening to the frightening cry, everyone could not help but shrink their necks in fear, but no one dared to disobey the orders of the furious lion. Hum, as for Ying Xilin, how many days do you think you will have? I will not let go of anyone who dares to touch my sister! Qin Hanyu quietly clenched his fist. Moved out of the small hotel, the real snow finally stayed in the hotel again, took a bath, just came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, Qin Hanyu had pushed the door in, saw his elder sister had just taken a bath, could not help but gather together in the past, "Sister, from small to large, my favorite smell is the fragrance of your body after taking a bath." "Smelly boy, how dare you even eat your sister's tofu?" True snow does not know whether to laugh or cry, sits down on the sofa, presses Qin Hanyu to sit beside him, carefully looks at the younger brother such long time change. Qin Hanyu was looking at the slightly red face, turned his head, "sister, what are you looking at ah?" True snow Hei Hei smirked, "Xiaoyu is really more and more handsome, tut, there is such a handsome brother,grey marble slab, really worried ah!"! You can't give you to someone else so early. You can stay with me for a few years to nourish your eyes. Qin Hanyu has a black line on his face. By the way, "the real snow finally regained his composure and asked carefully," how are things going? " 。 forustone.com

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