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"I think it's feasible." Cui Yingying sighed deeply and said, "In the Zhou Dynasty,

"I think it's feasible." Cui Yingying sighed deeply and said, "In the Zhou Dynasty, after King Wu unified the country, the enfeoffment system was implemented. Although it was later destroyed, Your Majesty, if you can enfeoff the land outside the Central Plains now, the meaning will be different.". Not only can they take foreign land as their own, but more importantly, they can ensure that their descendants have a safe place. "The world is so big that it is all the rivers and mountains of the Tang Dynasty. It is meaningless to hide anywhere." Lu Zhaoci shook his head and said, "In fact, Chenglie is not without tolerance.". Let me think about it again. The king of Shu must return to court this time. This is not allowed to change. Seeing this, Cui Yingying sighed deeply, but she stopped talking. When the world has not yet been pacified, we can still concentrate on one place. Now that the world has been pacified, all the internal contradictions are revealed. Even the contradictions between father and son and brothers are so sharp. Be suspicious of each other and beware of each other. Could it be that everything is different when you are old. She suddenly missed the scenery of Wuyi Mountain again. I'm afraid that at that time, it was the happiest time for the family. There were only three people in the family, and there were no other sisters. Wang Ye, it's windy outside. It's better to go back to the camp. Gyeongju outside, Lu Ke sullen, looking at the nearby wall of Gyeongju, just the last city of Silla, Li Jing and others with a great army, has surrounded the city of Gyeongju, day and night attack, but did not make any progress, but lost countless troops, this is to let Li Jing and others did not think of. Because since the killing of Gai Suwen, Silla and other countries led the soldiers to flee in confusion, Jin Yuxin was in a constant state of anxiety, although Jin Chunqiu was able to deal with state affairs, but obviously, no matter how hard they tried, they still could not save the decline of Silla. Sasakawa and others gradually restless, especially when Lu Ke arrived with a large army vanguard, this kind of restless heart more fierce. The former queen of Silla has also become a lot of high profile, those ancient nobles often go to the mansion of Sasakawa, although they are all to visit the old man of Sasakawa, to find the key to solve this matter, but Jin Chunqiu is to understand that they are not looking for Sasakhuan, but looking for the queen of Silla. Jin Chunqiu was very depressed, because even he did not think that the army of the Tang Dynasty had reached the gates of Jincheng so quickly. Unexpectedly is his tens of thousands of troops, did not play much role, was defeated by the place, if not the city of Gyeongju is the capital of Silla, Silla emperors painstakingly, can barely keep the Tang army outside Gyeongju. But although this can barely block the other side's attack, but this siege of Gyeongju can not be resolved, Jin Chunqiu who can not sleep at night. Your Majesty. Just then, a general strode in, who was not his proud general Jin Yuxin. But at this moment, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,White Marble Mosaic, Jin Yuxin did not have the elegant appearance of a few years ago. His face was pale and haggard, his eyes were blood-red, and he was extremely tired. It has been ten days since the Tang attacked Gyeongju city, Gyeongju city is standing on the ground of Silla, is still a banner, guiding the people of Silla to continue to resist the invasion of the Tang army, but the two of them know that in a short time, of course, many people are supporting themselves, but as time goes on, these people will lose confidence in themselves. Will turn to support others, such as the city's Silla queen, the queen's sister in the service of the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, presumably in the future when the city of Gyeongju was breached, these people rely on the side of the Silla queen, may be able to save their lives, even when the Tang Dynasty let the Silla queen continue to ascend the throne of the emperor, then they will also get a lot of benefits. This kind of speculative psychology is common to everyone. It's just big and small. Other people can surrender, but Jin Chunqiu and Jin Yuxin understand that anyone can surrender to the Tang Dynasty, or surrender to the wounded Queen of Silla, only the two of them can not, it is impossible to surrender to Queen of Silla, as for the Tang Dynasty outside the city, also have to think twice, otherwise, not to say that power can not be guaranteed, Even their own lives are not guaranteed, which is where the two brothers are entangled. "The Tang army's attack is over?" Seeing this, Jin Chunqiu breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Jin Yuxin and asked. Although Jin Yuxin is also very tired at this time, but Jin Chunqiu is good to replace Jin Yuxin, on the one hand, because Jin Yuxin can be a famous warrior, but more importantly, there is no one around him to trust. Had it not been for the fact that Jin Yuxin and himself were grasshoppers on the same rope, Jin Chunqiu would have had to go up to the city wall to command the army. Jin Yuxin nodded, but did not speak. He just looked for a place and sat down without any image. He said, "The general of the Tang Dynasty is simply a madman. He has never let anyone rest in a day.". His armies took turns to attack, as if they had countless armies in their hands. In the end, not only were they exhausted, but also the soldiers of the Tang Dynasty were exhausted. The soldier who commanded the general was simply desperate. As far as I know, the general of the Tang army who commanded the attack on Gyeongju was a great man. He was the son of the Tang emperor. Called Lu Ke, he went from Koguryo to Silla, and even the Baekje army suffered a great loss in his hands. He is not only brave and good at fighting, but also cruel by nature. Jin Chunqiu shook his head and told him the information he had got. He shook his head deeply and said, "It is said that the reason why His Highness the King of Shu fought so bravely was to fight for the throne.". He wanted to seize the throne by virtue of his military exploits. Defeat an army of one hundred thousand people, perhaps for the Tang Dynasty, is a great credit, but then again, if this can destroy a country, the credit is great, few people can compare. Now Li Jing and others are letting go, apparently in order to give these young generals a chance. Whether it was Silla, or Koguryo, which had already perished,Marble Projects, or even Baekje, which would soon perish, it had become a place for training troops in the Tang Dynasty. 。

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