Choosing the Right TV Lift for You

Before acquiring a TV lift, you should take into consideration the reality that not all Televisions consider the very same. Not all TV lifts are made to bear the very same weight.

There a several things that must be considered when selecting a TV Lift cabinet for your home. What style or look are you trying to achieve for the space ? Where will the cabinet be placed? How much storage do you need in the cabinet? Each of these questions must be answered to ensure you are making the right choice that will meet all your needs.

Adaptability in Design

An increasing number of people are living in one-person families, yet family members still make up the bulk of the populace, and they are likely to have several Televisions. Even (or perhaps especially) if they only have one TV, the TV lift they buy needs to suit everyone’s capacities and demands.

The lift must consequently be versatile enough to allow for the height everyone requires, and likewise adaptable enough that it can be placed in a selection of areas in the home, depending on the space availability.


A lot of TVs do not weigh all that much these days, however, not everyone has a new TV. Many individuals rely upon hand-me-downs, or on the televisions which can be discovered in charity stores, not every one of which is modern-day.

Before acquiring a TV lift, you should take into consideration the reality that not all Televisions consider the very same. Not all TV lifts are made to bear the very same weight.

Additionally, you need to take the use of the lift into consideration when buying- if the lift will be made using a lot (lots of individuals with lots of different demands utilizing the same TV, for instance), after that you could wish to purchase one which can bear more weight, despite a modern TV. To take more weight, as well as the products, being stronger, the linear actuator which supplies the activity will certainly be of a greater power, therefore making it possible for homeowners to get more work out of it before it wears out.

High quality

Any TV lift you buy ought to be of the best materials you can pay for, to guarantee that you will get your cash’s worth out of it. Linear actuators as a whole are rather reputable, given that they are specifically created to have less moving parts, and therefore break less easily.

The quality style suggests that a TV will be able to take a lot of pressure and usage before it requires to be replaced, something which is extremely useful within a house.

If a TV lift is developed to either slot into the wall, or hide under the floor when not being used, it is specifically vital to use high-quality products. Making use of good quality materials means much less possibility of them breaking since both the wall surface and the floor are awkward spaces to work in.


The primary reason for the use of a TV lift is to create more space in the home, so it is a good idea to look for one which is quite small and compact. This is where lifts which can be incorporated directly into another piece of furniture come in handy, as it means that the space can serve double duty, as somewhere to use as a table (for example) during the day, and for holding the TV at night. One which takes up a minimum of space can also be used inside walls and floors, which further eliminates the need for day to day space taken up by a TV.

Cabinets completed on all four sides are typically called ‘foot of the bed’ cabinet as this is their common placement. Cabinets that are not finished on all four sides, that is to state that the back is incomplete, are implied to be placed against the wall.


The space your TV and TV life will use is of crucial importance. The size of your TV lift cabinet may be dependent on what you are going to store in it; perhaps you do not just want a cable box or DVD player stored with the TV set itself, but some books or other small items also. In the latter case, your choice would be an against-the-wall cabinet containing shelves or drawers just for this purpose. A TV lift footboard would not work as an optimum means of storage, as it is built into your bed. Typically, smaller in size with little room for maneuver, only AV components can be stored in them.

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